I worked 15 years in Italy , Germany and Canada,
as a creative director and graphic designer.

I also owned my own company in Graphic Design « brousseundruddigkeit » in Berlin, 
in which I developed the « Design Code System » for Corporates Identities.

I dedicated 10 years of my life as a truly committed designer travelling
within Germany  for business trips, exchanges and conferences in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and North America.All those experiences gave me the opportunity to understand  what is really international business collaboration.

Simultaneously as a creative content maker, I have created in 2015  
my wellness method of energetic massage named Otzaki.
Since 2020, I am also dealing with an organic skincare laboratory Oceopin,

in France.

My long experience abroad, my perseverance and my language skills
allow me to open up new avenues and propose collaborative solutions for a variety
of people.



Writing texts
Drawing illustrations
Organising logistic operations
Travelling as required by my interlocutors
Developing export operations for European countries
Creating new solutions